Clinical Services


The Center currently features a total of 583 beds, comprised of 117 CCU beds, 93 ICU beds for adults and pediatric, 60 Post-CCU beds, 32 Post-ICU beds, 134 Adult Cardiac Ward beds, 46 Pediatric Ward beds, 87 Cardiovascular Surgery Ward beds for Adults and pediatric.

The Center also boasts a 14-bed Emergency Ward, 13 Operating Rooms, a 7-room Adult Interventional Catheterization Laboratory, a 2-room pediatric Interventional Catheterization Laboratory, and a 5-room Electrophysiology Study Ward. 


Emergency Department (ED)

Surgical Services

Adult Cardiac Care


Anesthesiology and intensive care

Pediatric Cardiac care

Outpatient Clinics


On average and on a daily basis, there are 92 hospitalizations, 30 surgical operations, 50 catheterization laboratory procedures include PCI, PTMC,PTPC, ASD, VSD, PDA closure, TAVI and many other interventional procedures, and 23 electrophysiology procedures.