Deputy of Treatment




The deputy of treatment is one of the most important departments of Shaheed Rajaie Cardiovascular Medical and Research Center. This department is responsible for the treatment affairs including observation of the health services in admission and outpatient wards and prepare the equipment facilities, human resources, and supervision affairs.

This department intends to be an assessment center for observation, accreditation and improving clinical services and to be a template in our country and area with using all of the facilities, skills and the recent technology.



The mission of this department is supplying specialized and subspecialized services for treatment and rehabilitation of the patients with cardiovascular diseases. The purposes of the mentioned activities are maintaining and improvement of the community health and reducing the disease burden. This department provide standard, adequate and satisfying services for all of the members of the society. This department is also responsible for delivering the best services with the highest quality and the lowest possible cost for all of the patients.

The main purposes of the treatment department include:

  • Planning for progressing the quality of performance in subunits and improving the treatment quality with cooperation of the physicians, experts and the other personnel
  • Supervising to uptake the credits from ministry of health for the patients
  • Maintaining and improving the quantity and quality of the services according to the recent standards and expectation of the patients.
  • Improving the quality of the health services in subunits with the proposed solutions and continuous monitoring



Last Update At : 26 October 2022