Clinical Services



The Center currently features a total of 583 beds, comprised of 117 CCU beds, 93 ICU beds for adults and pediatric, 60 Post-CCU beds, 32 Post-ICU beds, 134 Adult Cardiac Ward beds, 46 Pediatric Ward beds, 87 Cardiovascular Surgery Ward beds for Adults and pediatric.

The Center also boasts a 14-bed Emergency Ward, 13 Operating Rooms, a 7-room Adult Interventional Catheterization Laboratory, a 2-room pediatric Interventional Catheterization Laboratory, and a 5-room Electrophysiology Study Ward. 


Emergency Department (ED)

Surgical Services

Adult Cardiac Care


Anesthesiology and intensive care

Pediatric Cardiac care

Outpatient Clinics


On average and on a daily basis, there are 92 hospitalizations, 30 surgical operations, 50 catheterization laboratory procedures include PCI, PTMC,PTPC, ASD, VSD, PDA closure, TAVI and many other interventional procedures, and 23 electrophysiology procedures.


Last Update At : 06 September 2020